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Strategic Planning


Strategic is an oft-used but rarely realized concept. Strategic communications should be focused on achieving organizational goals. It should address priority stakeholders and compel them to desired behaviours or actions. It should focus tight resources for maximum effect. PublicAffair is adept at facilitating senior leadership team planning, bringing a clear process and engaging style to strategic planning meetings.

Strategic Communications Planning

Who do you need to talk to? What do they need to hear to support your vision? What channels will be most effective in reaching them and how will you measure success, adjust your actions, and achieve your goals?

With the leadership team’s overarching guidance in place, PublicAffair can work with management or independently to identify strategies, the actions that flow from them, and the measurable outcomes that are directly tied to the overarching goals. Strategic plans identify and prioritize stakeholders, the costs and human resources needed, and timelines and responsibilities to accomplish the goals on time and on budget.


Government & Stakeholder Relations

Often strategic communication requires engaging government officials or specific stakeholder groups to accomplish organizational goals.  PublicAffair Principal Michael Davis was Director of Communications for the Federal Minister of Justice; he has unique understanding of how the current federal government operates.

PublicAffair networks extend through our municipal, provincial and federal governments, with extensive connections through the business and NGO communities as well.

Having contacts gets you part way there; you need a plan that identifies overarching goals and measurable outcomes. Decision makers—and their influencers—must be weighted for potential impact and strategies developed to engage them in positive waysthat will drive support for your organization's endevours.


Crisis & Issues Management

At PublicAffair, we are adept at jumping into developing or full blown public crisis. When media is calling and social media is blowing up, you need to know what you are saying to whom and in what order. You also need a trusted voice from outside your bubble who will strip the industry jargon and tell you what rings true.

Better than trying to repair the plane while flying at 30,000 feet: have a crisis communications plan in place before taking off. PublicAffair will identify potential issues, rate for impact and likelihood, develop holding statements, define communication protocols and designated spokespeople.

PublicAffair can train those spokespeople. We train with a skilled communicator and an experienced journalist, providing the theory and putting it to work in front of the cameras. Spokespeople leave with the skills, experience and confidence to deliver messages under the glare of the camera with clarity, empathy and authority.


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