Strategic Planning

Strategic is an oft-used but rarely realized concept. Strategic communications should be focused on achieving organizational goals. It should address priority stakeholders and compel them to desired behaviours or actions...

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Government & Stakeholder Relations

Often strategic communications require engaging government officials or specific stakeholder groups to accomplish organizational goals.  PublicAffair Principal Michael Davis was Director of Communications for the Federal Minister of Justice...

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Crisis / Issues Management

At PublicAffair, we are adept at jumping into developing or full blown public crisis. When media is calling and social media is blowing up, you need to know who you have to speak to and in what order. You also need a trusted outside voice who will tell you what rings true.

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At PublicAffair, we are passionate about the conversations that take place in the public realm, where government, corporations, NGOs and the public meet. These are the conversations that shape our cities, our province, our country, our corporations. They are critical to your success and you need to get them right. There are few second chances in a public affair.

PublicAffair can facilitate your planning, develop your strategic communications strategy, engage critical government officials and stakeholders, implement your media relations, and do it all cohesively and compellingly so all are driving towards your organizational goals.


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